Helicopter Tour in Maui

As we near the end of 2017, I’ve been reminiscing about my adventures from earlier this year. Going on a helicopter tour with Harrison in Maui was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of this year. Helicopter tours in Maui are extremely popular, as they give you the opportunity to see volcanic slopes and steep waterfalls inaccessible by foot, car or boat.

I was apprehensive before our flight, as I had never been in a helicopter before; however, my nerves settled soon after we took off, as I become captivated by the scenery unfolding around us. We chose to go on a two-island tour (Maui & nearby Molokai), as we were already planning to visit Haleakala volcano and drive to the lush rainforest and scenic beaches found along the Road to Hana.



Our pilot first flew us into the West Maui mountains, home to Maui’s other, less popular, rainforest-filled shield volcano. We flew into the mountains to see Honokohau Falls, the tallest waterfall in Maui. From there, we flew north-west along the shoreline, past our home base in Maui, Kapalua, and over the channel towards the island of Molokai. One of the reasons we chose this particular tour was to see Molokai’s sea cliffs, the largest sea cliffs in the world. Without a doubt, the highlight of our flight was seeing the sea cliffs. As one of the most secluded Hawaiian islands, Molokai has an untouched natural beauty. Our pilot circled in and around the sea cliffs a few times to ensure we all enjoyed the beautiful view. I’m quite sure I had a permanent grin affixed to my face throughout our flight, in particular while we were flying over the sea cliffs. Moments like those make you truly appreciate the beauty of our planet.




Before I knew it, our hour was up and we were heading back to the Maui heliport. I also found landing to be a particularly enjoyable experience… As the heliport is located adjacent to the airport, there is a moment when the helicopter travels towards the aircraft runway and you feel like an aircraft pilot coming in to land. Perhaps I should have become a pilot 😉  



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